My main objective in creating these boards has been to make something that is a beautiful object to handle and play, but also to simply view whilst not in use, hanging on your wall at home.

Whilst the dimensions and the layout of the boards are to a standard used in professional Crokinole games and tournaments, the way that the boards are made is my own invention and unique to Crok.

The construction of the Crok board uses spokes like a cartwheel and, through the centre hole in the playing surface, you see the eight spokes meeting up.

If you flip the board round and look at the back, you’ll see it also provides storage for the triangle Crok box containing all the playing disks and the instruction booklet.

The playing surface is cut by laser, allowing the outer ring (called the gutter) to be cut from the same piece of high grade plywood as the rest of the board. I then match up the two rings so that the wood grain continues across both pieces. This construction method is very strong indeed, but very lightweight, and it also means that there is minimum wastage. The markings on the board and the logo on the Cork box are laser etched. This is extremely accurate and also forms a loverly ‘burnt’ line.

The playing disks are official Crokinole tournament grade and are imported from Canada. The laser work is expertly carried out by a local company called Bristol Design Forge. The instruction booklet, the logo and website have all been created by another awesome local talent here in Bristol; Frisbee Creative. Every other component, all of the assembly and the finishing is carried out by me, by hand, in my workshop. I number and sign every board I make.