So, what it Crok?

The game of Crokinole originated in Canada in the late 1800s. The game of Crok was created in my workshop in late 2016. Some stuff happened in-between those dates, but nothing of any real significance.

It's great fun to play

Crokinole is a great physical and dextrous game, sort of like a cross between Pool and bowls. You flick your disks across a circular board, trying to strike your opponents pieces and knock them out, whilst aiming to get your pieces as close to the centre as possible.

It's simple to learn

If you have played Crokinole before you may have found that the rules vary slightly from place to place. With Crok I have tried to settle on a set of rules that will be familiar to anyone who has played crokinole before but also make the game as easy and accessible as possible.

It's a game for all ages

It’s really simple to begin playing and young kids can easily get the hang of it. As you get better with time you will find you can complete more complex and satisfying shots. And as your skills improve so will the tactics you are able to employ.

Every Crok board is handmade

When I first discovered Crokinole I was drawn to how simple it seemed. However, I soon discovered that while it’s a simple game to play, it takes time to get good at it. I’ve applied the same principle to making Crok boards. What might appear relatively simple is actually the result of a lot of trial and error – from early hand-cut, ink marked prototypes to the current precision cut, lazer etched versions. I think the results are both great to play on and beautiful to look at. Hopefully you’ll agree.

Don't just take my word for it...

Here are just a few comments from people who've played the game.

Justin Desyllas

"Crokinole is great fun and extremely addictive. Especially with a drink in your hand"

Gary Buckland

"I've always wanted a pool table in my house but a Crok board is about as close as I can get without building an extension - brilliant!"

Ann Varney

"Crok is the most family game we have. We all love playing it but the kids are starting to get better than us now which is a problem."

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